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Table 1 Glass Bead Dates

Glass Bead Type/Varieties Start of Trade Date
IB/IIIB XL (minor) Pre 1675
IA/IIIA VL1 (minor) Pre 1675
IIIA1 (minor) Pre 1675
IVB (IVA2) (minor) Pre 1675
IA/IIIA XL (minor) Pre 1675
IVA2 (major) 1675
IIA7/IVA7 (major) 1681
IIA1/IVA1 (major) 1685
IIA/IVA Other (major) 1685
IIB/IVB (major) 1693
WIIA (major) 1710
WIC (major) 1725
WIA VL/XL (major) 1730
WID (major) 1753
IA/IIIA Opaque (major) 1759
WIA M (major) 1772
IF/IIIF (minor) 1795
WIB Wrap (minor) 1795