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Other Artifacts - Dating

As noted earlier, other artifacts were noted found and data based with the medium and larger glass beads. Three categories of Chickasaw made shell ornaments included-beads, discs and pins. Manufactured shell wampum was also found in a number of features. Silver will not be dated as all of the silver was dated or datable by hallmark.

Table 8 Other Artifact Dating

  Highest % Major Bead Start of Start of
Artifact Association Sustained Trade Trade
Shell Bead 82% IIA1/IVA1 1679 1676
Shell Disc 58% IIA1/IVA1 1672 1667
Shell Pin 67% IVA2 1680 1673
Shell Wampum 70% IA/IIIA Opaque 1766 1765
Brass Gorget 100% IIA/IV Other 1690 1685

The dates for the Shell Beads and Discs were calculated by ratios with IIA1/IVA1. The Shell Pin dates are circumspect as only three features are represented. A number of the shell pin features were not included as the beads from the features were sized very small and small. The brass gorgets were 100% associated with IIA/IVA Other (and 75% with IIA1/IVA1), and the dates presented are for those major beads on Table 7. The shell wampum date is questionable as a number of very small and small beaded features were excluded. The South Carolina Indian Affairs documents references an earlier dating for wampum perhaps the mid 1750s. Reasons for this are presented below in Bead Dating - Conclusions.