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Glass Bead Dates

Paper 2 produced two sets of bead dates - 'Start of Sustained Trade' and 'Start of Trade'. As explained, the 'Start of Sustained Trade' originated from English Carolinians while the Chickasaw were credited with their trade origins or 'Start of Trade'. For the purposes herein, the earlier dated 'Start of Trade' dates are used. Paper 2 Table 5 provided dates of major beads "w/o Exclusives" and "w/o Singles". The earlier dated "w/o Singles" are used here.

Those minor bead types/varieties predating major bead variety IVA2 are indicated as 'Pre 1675' on Table 1.

Table 1 Glass Bead Dates

Glass Bead Type/Varieties Start of Trade Date
IB/IIIB XL (minor) Pre 1675
IA/IIIA VL1 (minor) Pre 1675
IIIA1 (minor) Pre 1675
IVB (IVA2) (minor) Pre 1675
IA/IIIA XL (minor) Pre 1675
IVA2 (major) 1675
IIA7/IVA7 (major) 1681
IIA1/IVA1 (major) 1685
IIA/IVA Other (major) 1685
IIB/IVB (major) 1693
WIIA (major) 1710
WIC (major) 1725
WIA VL/XL (major) 1730
WID (major) 1753
IA/IIIA Opaque (major) 1759
WIA M (major) 1772
IF/IIIF (minor) 1795
WIB Wrap (minor) 1795

Combinations of temporally associated major and/or minor beads' features will be mapped together. The latest dated bead of the combination will be assigned a "post date" for each map.